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This list started in 2006 when there were only about 50 active amateur roller derby leagues, all of them for women, and all in the United States. Since then, the roller derby phenomena has exploded on every continent, for every age group and gender, and in all types of venues.

I ask that you please respect the amount of time and effort I put into creating this website. I work hard to research, update, and keep the list relevant. I spend my own money to pay for programming and hosting. Please don't replicate this list on other websites. The whole idea is to have one place where everyone can find a complete list of leagues. If the list is duplicated in other places, the information becomes fragmented and outdated. That serves no one. This site is copyrighted, and I reserve all rights to its duplication.

Doing research on the history of modern derby? While I do not keep copies of older versions of the roster, you can go to the Internet Archive and access snapshots of the list from as far back as May 2006! I originally published an Excel spreadsheet on my own personal website until it started getting bigger and I had to learn some HTML to publish a slicker version.

Here is the original version from May of the 2006-August of 2007 (use the arrows at the top to navigate through snapshots):

and here is the current address archive from March 2007 forward:

Thank you for your help and support! You can also find us on Facebook if you have more questions.
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