Disadvantages Associated With Gambling

Many groups in the society have been opposing this form of entertainment activity. Gambling is an activity that involves huge transfers of goods or money. However, there is no money or goods that are created out of this activity. It is known for absorbing resources and time. In fact, it is a form of “economic activity” that affects the national income. In addition to this, it is also known for causing personal problems. For instance, it can make many players become addicted thereby ruining their lives.


Taking personal loans and writing bad checks in the name of gambling can easily make you bankrupt. These people can become anxious and even engage in illegal activities such as stealing. Their numbers can increase significantly where these enterprises are located in the populated areas.man pulling out empty pockets

Gambling addiction

The addition associated with this activity is similar to that of alcohol or smoking. Statistics reveal that over nine million people are addicted to gambling. The individuals affected are known as obsessive gamblers. These players are known for betting until everything is gone: they can use all their family assets, savings, borrowed money and personal belongings. The following are some of the challenges facing those guys who are addicted to this activity

  • Losing their reputation
  • They are addicted to alcohol and other drugs
  • They speak lies
  • Their thinking level is affected- it goes down over time


Gamblers can panic, get stressed and depressed when they do not have money to sustain their gambling activities. This problem can also be caused by panic and loss of time.blond woman holding head

Harm to families

Most of the pathological gamblers are known for being violent with their family members. For instance, they can maltreat their children. Children brought up by such individuals have a high rate of committing suicide as compared to their classmates. They are also likely to get into the substance or drug abuse.

Losing money and addiction to the internet

Gambling is two–way process. You can either win or lose. Social and moral reports have revealed that this activity has made people addicted to slot machines and the internet. This is something that has vanished the fun of this activity. Again numerous manipulations and identities are taking place on the gambling sites. For instance, some people have lost their money for signing up in some sites that are not licensed. It is therefore important to check the reviews before signing up for a casino site.…

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